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A brand is the way a company, product or person is perceived by others. Successful packaging design conveys and reinforces that message. And because "packaging that sells" is as much about functionality as it is about visual appeal, Impress’ graphic design team takes time to analyze how packaging works in many facets. From concept to finished package, we consider how to protect the contents, assess its shelf appeal, ease of shipping, and user-friendliness for the consumer.

Your brand statement, product and desired market positioning set the baseline for our packaging design activities. Consistency, repetition and frequency build familiarity. Familiarity builds brand equity.

Consider folding cartons. Whether gourmet foods, confections, giftware or specialty items like DVDs, cosmetics, perfume, or hair products, consider using one of our die-line templates as a creative jumping off point. Custom creations are limited only by client visions — embellish with embossing, cover with ink, or create a distinctive imprinted wrapper or slip-on band. With turnkey die cutting, folding and gluing services, each box is ready to use when it comes off the line.

So, whether you need a header, floor display, or folding carton, Impress offers packaging design that is as creative as you want your brand to be.