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To succeed in today's highly competitive marketplace you need to stand out. Think about custom UV coatings and UV varnishes to MetalFX printing, imprinted on modern substrates like synthetic paper, plastic, vinyl and foil. From marvelous UV ink effects and pearlescent varnishes to holographic foils and intricate laser die-cuts, consider Impress your leading Los Angeles resource for specialty printing solutions that delight and satisfy. We make your creative vision a reality.

UV printing

In UV printing, specially formulated inks react under special ultraviolet lights and "dry" or harden almost instantaneously on top of a variety of substrates including uncoated paper and board, foil, plastic, synthetic paper, static cling vinyl and lenticulars. Vivid color and detail with superior rub resistance is the end result.

UV coating

Applied in liquid form to protect a finished printed image, UV coatings dry rapidly, and cure when passed under special ultraviolet light.

UV varnishes

Used to protect a finished printed image or enhance visual perception of a design element, UV varnishes dry rapidly and cure when passed under special ultraviolet light.

MetalFX® printing

MetalFX® is an innovation that allows a metallic pigment color to be overlaid with transparent CMYK inks in a controlled manner, effectively creating a palette of virtually unlimited metallic colors. The integrated design plug-in works with design software programs like Adobe® InDesign® and QuarkXpress®. More >

Lenticular printing

Lenticular printing derives its name from a special plastic substrate comprised of a series of half-cylinder lenses, or lenticules, which is carefully imprinted with two or more digitally enhanced visuals. The resulting piece creates amazing imagery that appears to move or change as the viewing angle changes.

Specialty packaging

How products maintain their integrity during shipment, and through the selling process, frequently must strike a balance between function and design. That is where a custom-tailored specialty packaging solution may be devised to safeguard such products and maximize its shelf value.