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Our digital press is a production workhorse that delivers digital color projects on coated and uncoated papers, including FSC-certified stock, with a smooth, matte finish. The 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution produces sharp photographs, crisp text, and fine detail suitable for projects from coated brochures to newsletters, manuals, direct mail, booklets and postcards.

Equipment features include

  • Innovative four-color technology
  • One-to-one printing
  • Integrated letter fold, z-fold and saddle-stitched finishing
  • Insertable covers
  • Accepts pressure-sensitive labels and FSC papers
  • Accepts stock from 4 x 5.6 inches up to 13 x 19.2 inches; maximum weight is 110 lb. cover (300 gsm)
  • Post-press finish techniques including Wire-o and die-cut

Digital printing is ideal for meeting needs such as

  • Short-run printing
  • Variable data printing (VDP)
  • One-to-one personalized marketing
  • High level strategic promotional work


Digital printing is environmentally conscious printing

  • Conserve resources of paper, ink and fuel
  • Save on postage
  • Send less mail to fewer, but more targeted and higher value prospects
  • Print only what is necessary
  • Accepts FSC paper and imprints a digital FSC label

What is VDP?

VDP stands for Variable Data Printing. VDP is most often used for direct mail marketing and allows printed communications to be customized with text, facts, figures and graphics that are relevant to a specific audience. In fact, it is possible to change the message and offer for every recipient in a single VDP project.

While standard direct mail marketing generates a 1% to 2% non-specific response rate, a VDP mailing is likely to generate a 3–6x higher and more qualified response rate. VDP is great for fundraising, new program signups, and product/service introductions to specific target audiences.

How VDP Works

Artwork is created in a standard layout program such as Adobe® InDesign which makes it easy to create placeholders for the information that will change. Using an Excel file, clients input the text, facts, figures and graphics. This variable data is then merged electronically on press.

Text and images may vary by groups or even every single recipient. It's your choice. By creating personalized messages targeted to very specific and relevant audiences, save on postage, reduce paper use, and increase response rate for a direct mail campaign with limitless possibilities.

Benefits to Users of VDP
  • Create tailored messages without slowing or stopping the presses
  • Establish relevance with your recipient
  • Develop relationships
  • Draw in new customers
  • Encourage repeat sales/transactions
  • Win back past customers
  • Communicate time sensitive & valuable information
  • Save on costs of postage and paper
  • Increase ROI

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