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Press Release

Press Release

Four Tips For "Green" Business Printing


Every Day is a Green Day at FSC-Certified Impress Communications

Chatsworth, CA-When Johannes Gutenberg invented a system to bring movable type printing to the masses back around 1439, he revolutionized the way people communicate. Today, though computers and wireless communications predominate - and a world without paper is touted, the reality is we will always have imprinted packages, labels, books, magazines, toilet paper and even parking tickets. Paper won't be going away anytime soon. However, it is predicted the growth in demand for green-friendly printing and recycled paper will accelerate to the mainstream within the next decade.

What can businesses do to stay on the forefront of this wave? The San Fernando Valley's premier all-in-one visual communications provider and an FSC-certified commercial printer, Impress Communications ("Impress"), offers these four tips:

  1. Design with green in mind. It's culprits like plastic windows, certain adhesives and laminates that make an otherwise recyclable project more waste for the landfill.
  2. Choose to work only with certified "green printers". FSC is an international organization with rigorous and recognized standards that certify the chain of custody of a paper product from the raw material (forest) through to the end-user consumer paper product. The FSC label is a benchmark for using sustainable paper in commercial printing. Furthermore, FSC efforts are endorsed and supported by environmental groups such as the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, and Greenpeace.
  3. Expand public awareness. Using FSC-certified printers and papers allows clients to include the FSC logo on their printed material, thus reflecting their public commitment to sustainable practices. More and more a catalog, brochure or direct mail piece from Fortune 1000 companies are reflecting their awareness of the social benefits of printing green.
  4. Be open to eco-friendly options. It's hard to be an expert in everything. By consulting with your printer during the design process and again before taking a project to the press, the choices and benefits of environmentally-friendly paper and ink choices may prove to be just as economical to the bottom line.



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