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Press Release

Press Release

Impress Appoints Plant Manager


Chatsworth, CA—Impress Communications is pleased to announce the appointment of Jon Worthing to the position of Plant Manager. With an expansion of the press department underway, Impress has been redefining its position as not only a support network to its clients but also as a technology leader. As Plant Manager Jon is ushering in this new era of innovation and responsiveness.

Jon brings 30 years of print industry management experience to Impress Communications. His previous role as Pressroom Manager at Anderson Lithograph has broadened his perspective of the industry and provided him with the tools to successfully streamline operations and improve productivity without compromising quality.

With a "grace under pressure" attitude and hands-on management style, Jon is already making an impact on the Impress team. According to Impress Executive Director, Paul Marino, "Jon's significant accomplishments and diverse history in the print industry make him a great asset to Impress. He takes on every challenge without stress or hyperbole, bringing a calm balance to the often-frenetic pace of the industry. His breadth of experience and vast knowledge of specialty printing techniques make him a stand out addition to the Impress team."

As Jon explains, "I regard Impress as a company with unlimited potential and I am excited to put our innovations to work. With three new presses that give us the capability to produce virtually any project our clients can dream up, from specialty printing on a variety of unique substrates such as plastic and foiled paper to multicolored catalogs with a variety of coatings. We're offering customers boundless opportunities to present their products and services."

Ultimately, Jon's contribution to the company can be measured not just in output but in customer satisfaction. As Paul describes it, "Jon takes complete ownership of a project, making the clients' concerns his concerns. Whether the issue is cost, quality, a particular printing technique or manufacturing process, Jon's pragmatic, hands-on style ensures the project is completed to exacting standards. His big picture methodology to integrating processes, people and workflow is a winning approach to making companies successful and clients happy."


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