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Press Release

Press Release

Impress Gets Involved With LAUSD


Chatsworth CA – Impress continues to stay in touch with the L.A. community by getting involved with Los Angeles Unified School District high schools. Earlier this month, 75 11th grade students from the Academy of Art and Technology (AOAT) at Cleveland High School visited Impress as part of their career exploration.

AOAT is a 4-year program with a visual arts curriculum. The students were given a tour of the plant, introduced to numerous employees, including Executive Director, Paul Marino, and given the opportunity to ask questions.

Impress employs over 80 people with expertise in many areas. Most of the positions at Impress are uncommon but still related to arts and technology. The purpose of this field trip was the expose the students to these jobs and opens their minds to the multitude of possibilities within their chosen field.

Paul Mario said, “It was exciting to see the student’s enthusiasm and curiosity about this industry. I really enjoyed the opportunity to give them a more in depth look into our company. I was also impressed with all our employee’s eagerness to teach the students about their jobs and answer their questions.”

Last week Impress received letters from the students, thanking Impress. Many students wrote that Paul’s quote “Okay is never okay” motivated them to always better themselves and their work. One student wrote, “[Impress’] push for excellence and strive for perfection inspired me to want success and to have that type of mindset.”

This field trip adds to Impress’ continuing outreach to LAUSD. Over summer, the company worked with Canoga Park High School’s photography department. Because photography is an ever-changing field, it is important to keep the teachers and students up to date on the skills and talents needed to be a photographer. In order to do so, the teachers and select students visited Impress several times over a two-month period to learn these requirements.

Impress also worked with Canoga Park High to set up a mini photo studio on campus. They assisted the photography department in purchasing all the new equipment and lighting for the studio. Equipped with the new studio, the high school was able to work with Impress’ accounting, marketing, and photography departments to set up an on-campus photography company. Now, instead of using an outside photographer, students within the department take the class photos for their fellow students and the school sells them. This has enabled the high school to make a profit from the photos, but more importantly students are getting vital career experience.


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