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Press Release

Press Release

Going Green Doesn't Mean Going Into The Red


Chatsworth CA – “We want to help clients go green, while remaining responsible to their bottom line, says Paul Marino, Executive Director of Impress Communications. That’s one of the many reasons Impress Communications is the first in North America to introduce an H-UV (High-Performance-Ultra-Violet) ink, 8 color, double-coating perfector press.

For over twenty-two years, Impress has been on the leading edge of print technology that reduces our carbon footprint. “As experts in reusable and recyclable print technology, we’re always working to strike the balance between our client’s needs, time, budget and our earth’s natural resources,” says Marino. 

The most significant environmental benefit of H-UV ink, is the amount of energy it takes to dry (cure) the ink. H-UV ink only takes about one tenth of the amount of energy normally needed for the drying process. Moreover, H-UV emits no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), so it’s more environmentally friendly. Marino sums it up by saying, “Impress is leading the way in adopting technologies that deliver superior quality, while being economical and eco-friendly.”

You don’t have to be a printer to know the high cost of energy and you don’t have to be a scientist to know that we need to make decisions to preserve our environment for our children’s future. Simply put, H-UV allows Impress to reduce their consumption of a non-renewal earth resource, while creating even more innovative and quality printing techniques.

It’s hard to disagree with Marino’s statement of, “There’s just no downside to H-UV!” And the upsides don’t just stop there. Unlike soy-based inks, H-UV color doesn’t fade over time and jobs that once took three days to produce, now take one. Plus, H-UV coating is a super high-gloss coating that offers a very dramatic effect, adding to the many ways that Impress can deliver eye-popping printing results.


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