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Press Release

Press Release

New System Serves Up Reliability


Chatsworth, CA - How do clients view color? More subjectively than we realize, says Paul Marino, executive director at Impress Communications. So, the artistry of creating a certifiable proof and replicating the same consistent result from proof to proof and final production is essential.

Because Impress banks its reputation on its quality, Marino recently added an Impress Certified Proofing System offering advanced color assurance guarantees for clients of the high-end visual communications company. "It's an impressive high quality color management and RIP solution that makes color more of a science, more repeatable and less subjective," says Marino. "Our certified proof takes the guesswork out of color decisions. We can work more efficiently and with increased reliability, all for the benefit of our customers."

The Impress Certified Proofing System has been honed to meet specified internal standards, capable of verifying and checking some 17,000 color patches in seconds. Among the variables measured are paper whiteness, color saturation, primary colors, overprints, and gray balance. Variances to these tightly honed tolerances are summarized and imprinted on a label, affixed directly to the proof for the customer's review and signoff.

"Technology is great," enthuses Marino, "and more printers are going to inkjet proofing. In our experience though, inkjet proofs can vary significantly even in consecutive outputs. Our new proofing system is designed to prevent such variances. No surprises. That's our goal."

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Impress Communications, Inc. is a privately held firm based in Chatsworth, California. The company delivers multifaceted, fully integrated visual communications solutions - commercial printing, inspired graphic design & new media content, innovative packaging and specialty printing needs, brand marketing, and digital photography - under one roof. For more information, visit


Paul Marino, Executive Director
818.701.8800 x222


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