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Press Release

Press Release

Impress continues to innovate with its own in-house Ink Lab


Chatsworth, CA - Impress Communications ("Impress"), an award-winning commercial printer and visual communications company, has further enhanced its operation by developing its own in-house Ink Lab.

In an effort to advance the industry, improve efficiencies, and reduce waste, Impress spent six-months designing and building a self-contained ink development operation housed out of its Chatsworth, CA facilities. In addition to effectively developing customized colors for specific project needs, the Impress Ink Lab is able to produce exact quantities of ink, greatly reducing excess waste. The lab also allows for the research and development of test inks and coatings, directly associated with Impress' environmental initiatives such as reducing VOC output and moving towards alternative sustainable solutions.

"We are always looking for ways to improve, whether it be processes, or equipment, or materials. The Impress Ink Lab is yet another step we're taking to build a more advanced operation so we can not only develop tomorrow's better ink, but create an even more efficient process," says Paul Marino, Impress' Executive Director.

The Impress Ink Lab is currently active and in full production with a host of innovative solutions expected to result from the venture.


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