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Inside Impress Volume 1, Issue 4

Inside Impress Vol. 1, Issue 4

Did you know the phrase "visual communications" generates 3.2 million entries on a Google search? How about the fact over 100 colleges and universities in the U.S. offer a four year degree in visual communications? It's no surprise. To quote the great philosopher Aristotle, "Thought is impossible without an image."

Rapid advances of the last decade have thrust technology forward as both a necessary tool and the driver of visual communications design - think computers to I-pods, MP3 players, interactive email messaging and Internet TV. We firmly believe visual communications campaigns, carefully conceived and executed, can stimulate business success. But in speaking of visual communications, we are really speaking to an even broader reference.

Visual communications encompass printing, publishing, packaging, digital imaging, computer graphics, Internet publishing, Web site development, digital photography, and printable electronics. Simply, a powerful marketing strategy integrates words with images. The results: convey memorable thoughts, evoke strong emotions, issue clear instructions and deliver pertinent messages. Inform. Creatively. Distinctly. Expertly.

As trends and times change, people change too, especially those on the leading edge in the creative arts. Perspectives shift and a new vocabulary of words and phrases become familiar. Yet the fact remains, good design still follows some tried-and-tested rules. So, yes, we design websites, create brand identity, and print everything from sales catalogs to specialty product packaging. But what we really do at Impress is create and deliver solutions for all your communication challenges.

Wikipedia defines marketing strategy as "a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage." In a world of look-alike products and services, the ability to stand out from the competition is essential. Marketing plans serve as a roadmap to identify where a business is going and how it's going to get there. A marketing plan forces one to focus on the tools needed to create an effective marketing presence, using consistent, branded communications. Check out the quick-read Tips and Techniques refresher on our website entitled, "Seven Business Marketing Success Tips".

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About Us

Impress Idea Book

Impress Idea Book

When you are short of new creative ideas, this showcase of Impress' capabilities will surely be inspirational. In words and images, the 48-page limited edition "idea book" was created to tickle the senses, inviting the reader to visualize and touch sample design work. Printed on the company's signature Komori UV presses, each of the 1500 books was hand assembled and presented in a distinctive custom-made envelope.

Clients view color more subjectively than we realize, so we've recently added an Impress Certified Proofing System offering advanced color assurance guarantees. "It's a high quality color management and RIP solution that makes color more of a science, more repeatable and less subjective," contends Executive Director Paul Marino.

Taking the guesswork out of color decisions and getting consistent results from proof to proof through final production means greater efficiency and increased reliability. The system can verify and check some 17,000 color patches in seconds. Variances to tightly honed tolerances are measured including paper whiteness, color saturation, primary colors, overprints and gray balance. The summary is imprinted on a label and affixed directly to the proof for client review and signoff.

We are pleased to introduce Terrence Snyder, Impress Design Studio's newly appointed Creative Director. Terrence is an experienced advertising agency art director and design professional with a deep understanding and hands-on experience developing and executing luxury marketing programs and campaigns for a variety of national and international brands. Overseeing our design, new media and digital studio teams, Terrence adds a new level of expertise in visual communications and target market branding to the team. He is a former south Orange County resident and a graduate of San Diego State University.

Impress has done it again! Our limited edition, hand assembled 48 page capabilities brochure has won the Grand Award for Complex Self Promo in a competition sponsored by Print Solutions magazine. The PEAK (Print Excellence and Knowledge) Awards contest spotlights companies that creatively deliver value-added print solutions to meet business needs.

We pulled out all the stops with layout, photography and words coming from our design team. Our self-styled "idea book" showcases tactile techniques like foil stamping, embossing, die cutting, satin aqueous coating, and even includes a colorful and thought-provoking lenticular. And we printed the project using our versatile Komori presses, adding a velvety 111 pound Curious Touch cover stock in Soft Milk. This was hand assembled, finished with metallic blue rivets, and presented in a custom identity envelope.

Inside Impress is the newsletter of Impress Communications Inc., satisfying clients since 1989 with visuals that sizzle. Whether you need to complete a specific task-focused initiative or design a comprehensive program, we can help! Consider Impress Communications your partner in finding solutions for all your visual communications needs across traditional and electronic media.

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