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Inside Impress Volume 1, Issue 1

Inside Impress Vol. 1, Issue 1

For designers and brand marketers, color and trend forecasts bring great anticipation and angst every year. At their best, trends can position you as a forward-thinking business. Riding it on the downside, your product could be perceived as a short-lived fad. The key is packaging.

A recent article from Step Inside Design identified 10 packaging trends for 2008. Here they are in a nutshell:

  • Green is more than a fad. Leaving less of an imprint through the practice of mindful consumerism, less packaging, reuse and recycling is a lifestyle choice for many consumers.
  • Storytelling. People love stories. Integrating narrative with engaging design on packages causes consumers to interact with the product, and hence build a connection.
  • Lighthearted whimsy. The unexpected puts fun back into packaging, communicating in an entertaining way.
  • Bold expression. Bright colors, big block letters and uncluttered design looks new and fresh.
  • Show don't tell. Less product points, more emphasis on creating emotional response to visuals.
  • Handmade. Typography and imagery conveys the aura of authenticity — made "just for you".
  • Lifestyle. Show people engaging with — or the results from — using the products to create desire or "lifestyle aspiration".
  • Borrowing from the past. Evoke positive feelings of days gone by, with a modern take for today's consumer. Black & white photography and basic graphics convey this concept well.
  • Less is more. Elegant design with lots of space and just a few essential words imply simple luxury.
  • Free expression. Creative exuberance and artistic interpretation excite younger consumers who are less driven by brand or product benefits.

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10 Packaging Trends for 2008

Featured Project: UV Sampler Deck

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UV Sampler Deck

UV Sampler Deck

Whet your design appetite with the Re-Think The Possibilities UV Sampler Deck. We call this a brain teaser because designing with styrene and UV inks is limited only by your creative imagination. See how we use MetalFX, four-color, four-color black, or two-color PMS + black effects. Ask for a free UV Sampler Deck today.

Impress made strategic moves for smart growth in 2007, adding two distinctive Komori presses to our fleet, and the positive reception from our customers makes us smile today. While the eight-color custom-configured Komori Lithrone S40P is the flagship of our fleet, it is our fully automated six-color Komori Lithrone SX29 press with UV capabilities that gives us an extra edge.

This "first of its kind" installation in the U.S. opens a new world of possibilities. As a conventional press, it quickly, capably and affordably prints short run items with aqueous coating option, up to a maximum sheet size of 24 inches by 29 inches. But where this press excels is by design. The Lithrone SX29 maximizes the effects that can be achieved by imprinting specialty materials like plastic, styrene, vinyl and foil papers using the latest generation of UV inks and technologies.

Consider the design possibilities. Add a special sleeve to enclose your product brochure, create a dazzling metal effect to an otherwise commonplace box, add pizzazz to a display poster!

Have you visited the Impress website lately? Here we give you a taste of our expertise — from our equipment to our portfolio, recent recognition and certification details.

More importantly, check out the Client Support section and simplify the way you work with us. A brand new library of Die–Line Templates gives you ideas and ready-to-embellish boxes and brochures, business cards, envelopes and presentation folders. By using a standard template, you can speed up your project design time and reduce costs.

You can also Request A Quote, Request A Catalog and Upload Files on our secure Client FTP site.

Komori, Japan's premier maker of press equipment selected our flagship eight-color press and six-color UV press as the premier American installation to profile in their global publication, On Press. Check out the article online under the News & Updates tab, In The Media.

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