Think Green

Sustainability is not an option; it's a choice we make. As an industry leader, Impress is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We strive to increase productivity, create earth-friendly products, reduce waste and save energy.


Impress is a certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain-of-custody printer. This assures clients that we are following the criteria and standards set forth by the FSC to save and preserve our forests for future generations.

Impress is one of only ten California printers on the
Green Team Honor Roll.


We utilize energy-efficient fluorescent fixtures throughout our facility. These lights meet our precise color matching needs and yield a 45% energy savings.

Our modern and efficient presses use less energy while minimizing chemical, solid and water waste from the printing process

Innovative ink dispensing systems on our presses eliminate the need for special waste disposal handling

We use only low VOC soy-based inks or no VOC UV inks. This means our inks create less toxic waste and reduce harmful emissions in the workplace

Our water-based coatings, low-VOC washes and solvents have eliminated 75% of all emissions in our facility

We use an electronic computer-to-plate system that eliminates chemical waste

Our FTP portal and digital proofs enable seamless communication with our clients and eliminate wasted materials and time

We partner with vendors and manufacturers that will further our green initiatives


Our production processes eliminate excessive "make-ready" sheets; these sheets are reused whenever possible

We recycle 150,000 pounds of production paper waste and office paper per month

All toner cartridges from our digital press are reused

We recycle all toner cartridges from our copiers

Everything from outdated electronics to metal plates and wooden shipping pallets are recycled or repurposed.

85% of all substrates specified for print projects contain post-consumer waste content

We offer a wide variety of eco-friendly papers for your printing projects

Featured Project


Austin by Kwikset Launch Kit

Kwikset's new product line called “Austin” needed a bold, creative way to present it to buyers of home improvement retailers. In order to convey the rugged yet stylish aesthetic of the products and the quality of the brand, the launch kit needed to have rustic charm paired with solid structural design.


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