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DO YOU KNOW YOUR LOGOS? Graphical symbols convey messages that anyone can recognize at a glance. These certification symbols and eco logos are frequently seen on printed materials and applicable to the commercial printing and visual communications industries. Do you know what they designate?

  • Forest Stewardship Council Certification

    FSC certification is considered the environmental "gold" standard for forest management, of any global certification system. This designation means we are committed to offering and using paper products that come from forest-friendly and sustainable sources.
  • Tree-free Paper

    Alternative sources of non-wood fiber, the most common being cotton fiber found in fine stationery and other premium grade papers, saves trees from unnecessary destruction.
  • Möbius loop

    The Möbius loop of three chasing arrows is an internationally recognized symbol for claims of recyclable or recycled content. Two common variants are: a light symbol with white arrows on a white background to identify that the material is recyclable; and, a circle with a dark background and arrows indicates recycled content is in the product.

    Recycled paper is considered less harmful to the environment because less virgin fiber is used. Effectively this reduces tree harvesting, water usage, consumption of energy, greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.
  • Green Seal Certified Paper

    Green Seal is another certification group promoting environmentally responsible products, purchasing, and production.

    Papers and envelopes certified to the GS-7 Printing and Writing Paper Standard are manufactured with a minimum of 30% post consumer waste (PCW), or If recovered material is used to manufacture the product, processed without chlorine or chlorine derivatives.

    The Green Seal GS-10 Coated Printing Paper Standard requires a minimum of 10% postconsumer material; proof that lead, cadmium, mercury, and hexavalent chromium are not used as ingredients in coated printing paper; and, that the coating is not formulated with free formaldehyde.
  • American Soybean Association

    Printing with soy ink is considered more beneficial for the environment because the ink is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), sustainable, made from soybeans -- a renewable resource, and more easily stripped from paper during the de-inking and recycling process than petroleum-based inks.
  • Chlorine-free Paper

    The Chlorine Free Products Association (CFPA) established these certification marks of assurance:

    TCF Totally Chlorine Free mark is reserved for virgin fiber papers. No chlorine or chlorine containing compounds as bleaching agents are used in the papermaking process.

    PCF Processed Chlorine Free mark is reserved for recycled content paper with a minimum 30% post consumer waste content. This includes all recycled fibers used as a feedstock that meet EPA guidelines for recycled or post-consumer content. PCF papers have not been re-bleached with chlorine containing compounds.
  • Renewable Energy Paper

    Some paper production facilities use renewable energy which provides cleaner air, moves a business toward energy independence and helps limit greenhouse gasses associated with climate change.
  • Acid-free Paper

    Acid-free paper producers use the circled infinity symbol on their paper products to identify compliance with both an ANSI standard and an ISO guideline. This symbol identifies coated and uncoated acid-free paper that will last several hundred years under optimal conditions in libraries and archives, effectively reducing future preservation problems.
  • Green-e Certified Paper

    Green-e is a leading independent consumer protection program that sells renewable energy and carbon offsets in the retail market. Organizations that buy Green-e® Certified renewable energy (or generate their own electricity) can apply to use the Green-e logo, a national symbol of renewable energy excellence.
  • Unisource Respect Printers Program

    Unisource, a paper marketer and distributor, is encouraging Chain-of-Custody printers to add their contact information. Corporate specifiers, designers and end-users searching for papers with green attributes can easily locate these printers by using the unisourcegreenfinder™ search tool.

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Austin by Kwikset Launch Kit

Kwikset's new product line called “Austin” needed a bold, creative way to present it to buyers of home improvement retailers. In order to convey the rugged yet stylish aesthetic of the products and the quality of the brand, the launch kit needed to have rustic charm paired with solid structural design.


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